Yes, there you have it: CONTENT WRITING.

Alternatively known as content development.

This same course is currently being sold by us on a PREMIUM scale, it’s a N5,000 worth course. And you are about to get as much as N3,000 of it for free. Yea, call it the good ‘ol weekend.

This freebie is for you if you are looking forward to developing yourself as regards:

  • Earning online (Yes, you can earn from writing, there are many ways to that online and you’ll be shown)
  • Developing your writing skills
  • Gaining insights as regards content writing
  • Improving the quality of contents on your blogs (for bloggers)

It’ll be spanning through 3days. Two tutorial mails each day. Starting by next week.

To enlist for this freebie:

Simply indicate your interest via a comment in the following format:




John Garrick


And that’s it. Do well to indicate interest as soon as possible as we’ll be sending out tutorials using PHPmailer and those that know what that means knows it has limitations, hence THERE ARE LIMITED SPOTS. WE HAVE 247 PERSONS SUBSCRIBED FOR THIS ALREADY (FROM JUST OUR WHATSAPP CAMPAIGN). You choose to believe is solely your choice.

And my advice for the week? Covet knowledge always, with all thy might. Good night.

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