Hurt And Angry

This is my first spoken word piece to be released, so please don’t judge when I gush about my awesome videographer/editor Emmanuel-King, and Sound Engineer Ighile Phillip (69house-party) . -Huwa

Permit me to introduce the young lady (Huwa) to you.
Huwa is a young lady from UNIBEN, an undergraduate studying an engineering course with an unyielding passion for the love of poetry, an art she possess a unique skill at in it’s spoken form.

Watch her first video ever below, I bet you would feel the awesomeness.

Just for those that do not know, spoken word as the art is popularly referred to is a form of poetry that deals with vocalization of pieces written with its framework being poetry and its presentation having elements of dramatic gesticulations, all in a bid as art itself is, to drive a meaning to any listener or viewer it gets, It is a form of art that has been on for ages and is fast rising recently and UNIBEN boasts of some of the bests poets ever, the likes of Paul Word, Graham Garrick an a host of others. Huwa is one of the latest addition to the list but the way she does it is like no baby, she delivers each line with a unique feel and she does justice to poetry like an ideal pro, love what she did in the video? Do well to drop a comment on her channel over there on youtube, you have no idea how long that would go in motivating her and other rising acts.

And that is it for this post, hope you liked her piece, we would be more than glad to read from you, what you think of it and of course, what you think of spoken word poetry too. Have a great remainder of your day.

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