Don’t fall in love with me just yet, I might not be worth it… Dear Queen, I haven’t even made it as the crowned prince.

Don’t fall for me just yet, a lifetime is more than just a day, and reality is broader than just a stage. 
Don’t fall in love with me just yet, words can’t win all life wars, I’m skilled at them, but beyond puns, what’s more? 
Don’t fall in love with me just yet, there’s more to your needs than one handsome with cute lips and sweet words, you have needs that need be met, am I bold enough to schedule an appointment?
Don’t fall in love with me just yet baby, let’s be sincere and realistic, I’m a grown up with baby pockets, let’s be factual, yes there’s more to love and it really just doesn’t care for currencies but currently dear won’t you love to have chocolate? what about some groceries? Okay let’s just hit the mall… Oh, I almost forgot, my card is pale… Tell me with time, won’t you complain? Wouldn’t you say oh please that’s what you said yesterday! 
Don’t fall in love with me just yet girl, I’m all smiles and more on stage, words and awesome on the mic, I literally have the time for everyone but alone with you won’t I be jealous and annoying when you are on the call with Mike and won’t it upset you when I’m hardly around? And excuses starts falling in like dead bodies with souls gone for days, stale like: babe I needed to meet up a client… I’m on a project… See, I’m just having a tight schedule it’s not like I’m avoiding you… Would you be Okay?
Oh please you told me that yesterday, wouldn’t you say with your head swaying your disturbing hair off your face and your hand like it’s sweeping the winds and your face screaming: NO MORE!
I’ve spent time with you dear, you all a man could want, a wife material that is enough to sow for a family of bliss. You are rare but dear don’t fall in love with me just yet! Caring is beyond kisses and romance, fondling with your assets is not all that needs to be done to make you feel like a woman… Don’t, fall, in, love, with, me, just, YET!  Not yet dear. 
Don’t fall in love with me just yet but pained as it gets me truth just got to be told! 
Don’t fall in love with me just yet, personality is beyond cool outfits, star kind of personality, capability is way beyond proper arrangement of words and sensible talks, let’s not sugar coat pillow talks and let’s not try to swap life issues for pillow talks, in lieu with your requirements am I enough to handle He-shoes,  am I enough?!
That I hold you dear is the reason that I’d tell you this, I probably do love you is the reason I’ve repeatedly said don’t fall in love with me yet, I won’t forgive myself if I hurt you.
Don’t fall in love with me dear, just not yet, I might just not be worth it.
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