Hurt And Angry

Huwa – Hurt And Angry (Spoken Word)

This is my first spoken word piece to be released, so please don’t judge when I gush about my awesome videographer/editor Emmanuel-King, and Sound Engineer Ighile Phillip (69house-party) . -Huwa Permit me to introduce the young lady (Huwa) to you. Huwa is a young lady from UNIBEN, an undergraduate studying an engineering course with an unyielding passion for the love of poetry, an art she possess a unique skill at in it’s spoken form. Watch […]


Phone For Beer (The Ekosodin Tale)

Location: Ekosodin (Somewhere Around UNIBEN) Time: Dark in the Evening Victim: (can we really call him that? He was kinda paid) The story below is one fiction-ed out of reality, the experience of “someone”. That fateful night, everywhere be good o, fly nigga Kadiri was on his way to his lodge which was quite on the inside in Ekosodin. He had just purchased an Infinix hot 4 about a week earlier, listening to music has […]

Sign this petition now, say no to 1.5GB for N3000

Well, like it’s not bad enough we’re battling with rice price hike and a list of others alike. The other day in UNIBEN, a publication was released that intra-school bus fare will be increased by N10 hence making it N30 come December 1st, 2016. Now with the recent publication from NCC, seems like treats coming this December? Ain’t none going to be yummy but rocky. NCC has mandated all Networks to increase their Data price […]

A lil piece of self (02)

“ooohhh…..where this chick now” – I said in my mind while standing at the entrance of Oasis hotel in estate junction while dialing her number. “Make I just enter inside wait for her though”- I thought to myself at the same time approaching the door. When I entered the hotel, the first thing I felt was the coolness of the Air conditioner caressing my face. The breeze was fighting vigorously to dry every sweat on […]

A lil piece of self (01)

Woke up late today… “Damn another day in this goddamn house” I grumbled in my thoughts as I drag myself with my sleepy eyes to the bathroom.. “Men, I suppose barb this my hair yesterday ooo, base on today na new year oo”…I murmured to myself as I shrivelled my hair standing in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s been 2weeks now I’ve been in my fathers house, yes my fathers house. We never really […]

Walk me through Ekosodin she said, a guy narrates his divine escape ( UNIBEN babes and demons)

Virtually everybody in Nigeria believes in witches, wizards and other forces. So do I. I’ve been hearing stories about these people, and I think I actually met one of them. Location: Uniben, student’s created walkway to 250lt, opp June12. I was returning to my hostel, hall3 after I had gone to give a friend materials to read for the fast approaching exams. So I decided to take the other road, the one that leads directly […]

Reply to UNIBEN babes and demons, She narrates her ordeal.

DEMONS AND GIRLS (UNIBEN AS A CASE STUDY) My name is you don’t really need, and this is real because I saw it with my own two eyes and I was not hallucinating,trust me! On that fateful day, I was so stressed during the day, running from class to class, pursuing my course advisor as though he was the ultimate being, up to no avail, my day turned out stressful with little or no results, […]

Double view, student budget smartphones (with fingerprint scanner)

Okay, new session has begun (judging with UNIBEN’ calendar) many things are needed to have a smooth ride, from power banks for those staying in BDPA to helmet and body armor for those in Ekosodin to Bullet proof pockets and wardrobes, doors for those in Osasogie… You know what I mean, and Garri a.k.a cassava flakes, durh! I know the English name, for Hall3 brothers, fans for those tunneling in hall 4, Hall 1&2… I […]