5 WordPress Essentials You Should Be Using.

Good morning. Today, I’ll be making known to you 5 essential things that as a blogger on the WordPress platform, you shouldn’t miss having/using. Let go straight to the point. 1.) WordPress App This is a must have for all, available for all screens. It makes writing easier with seemingly no distractions. It’s fast, lightweight and extremely resourceful. It doesn’t consume unnecessary data and it’s fit to deliver a good blog post. Download WordPress APP 2.) […]

5Tips For A WordPress Beginner

Okay there! In this post, I’d be highlighting to you 5 tips that will help smoothen rough edges in your blogging journey with WordPress. Don’t Use WordPress.Com: I wasn’t  paid to, no I’m not TRG to deface them, but if you have intention of making the blogging thing a long time thing… For your own good, let WordPress.com be. Run your blog on a self hosted WordPress site and if you ain’t got enough capital […]

How To Get 1.3GB for N500 on MTN

Morning there. In this post I’l be showing you how to get 1,375MB from MTN for just N500 only. And no tweaking of IMEI involved, just got to dumbfound the system.   First off, if you want the MB to last for a month you need to have done(recently)/do a sub of one month and finish the 1.5GB maybe in 5days or 7. Now you move on to manipulating protocols. How To Get The 1.5GB; Migrate To MTN pulse if you are not on it already. Dial *406# to do so. (You’ll like the plan, call rate is awesome) Reason: on MTN pulse, you don’t get 750mb for N500, you get 1GB instead. Based on logistics😉 Now if you’ve recently subscribed as earlier stated, you must have gotten the kind of message in the screenshot below as MTN is sending it out to virtually almost all their customers. And thereafter, dial *406# and follow the prompt for one gigabyte sub or do it through *131# under weekly subs.   Well, it’s supposed to last for just a week but hence the reason for the first step which if you had like 20days left unused of the month’s sub, 7days will be added from the day you sub to the 1week and would eventually leave you with a validity period that’s literally a month.   And oh, being that you on the data offer, the 750 supposed original data allowance for the 500naira sub would be halved and added to the 1GB you’ll be given.   And that’s it people. It’s what I’ve and will be using till I find a way around this Android6 IMEI tweaking problem, without using PC. Enjoy.     Do share.

Jumia Mobile Week (P3)

Okay people, sorry it’s coming today in the evening, call it the Sunday Twist. Our pick for today is the Infinix Hot 4 lite.  I call it the battery genie. Yes, not the best out there in terms of battery but it definitely has it’s space in the power hood with its 4,000mAh backup plan, ain’t no running out for a user. It has other amazing features; Screen: 5.5″ HD Display Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, micro […]

Jumia Mobile Week (P2)

By P2 people, I mean 2nd Pick, if you missed yesterday’ pick Click Here To See W2 going for N26,400 Today’ pick is Tecno’ very own sleek battery monster: The Sexy L8! KEY FEATURES; Display: 5.0 Inch Screen IPS  Capacitive Touchscreen Internal Memory: 16GB, 1GB RAM CPU: 1.3GHz Quad-Core Camera: 8MP Primary Camera, up to 3264 x 2448-pixel pictures, HDR, autofocus; 2MP Front Camera Operating System: Android v 6.0 Battery Capacity: 4000mAh Li-Ion The cool device […]

Jumia Mobile Week Pick Of The Day

Okay, for those that don’t know yet. Mobile Week is on. Yes, that week when mobile gadgets get amazing discounts! For Real! And so far, this week Jumia has been a good boy. And for the rest of this week till the first week of May, I’d deliver you pieces that are best to pick on the catalog, I’m talking cool discounts kind of thing. Okay, heads up, when I saw that which I’m about […]

Glo Reduces Data Allowance For Plans

Well, if you ask me, simply put they increased their subscription prices. Earlier yesterday the now ex data king of all TELCOs in Nigeria without prior notice halved all of their data plans data allowance. Below is the the new list of data allowance for each subscription package. Current Data Plans N500 = 800MB N1000 = 1.6GB N2000 = 3.7GB N2500 = 5GB N3000 = 6GB Instead of: Glo data Plans (The gone legends)  N500 […]

How To Place Adverts on Facebook Using Your Naira MasterCard

A problem I read website/blog owners complain of most on my timelines is issues with advertising on Facebook. Can’t say when they implemented the payment option, maybe it was a new year gift I’d be tipping you off about below but one thing is next to impossible; using the option on mobile phone. Since CBN placed a ban on Naira mastercards late last year facebook had been giving non-foreign mastercards owners problems, and that has […]