Hurt And Angry

Huwa – Hurt And Angry (Spoken Word)

This is my first spoken word piece to be released, so please don’t judge when I gush about my awesome videographer/editor Emmanuel-King, and Sound Engineer Ighile Phillip (69house-party) . -Huwa Permit me to introduce the young lady (Huwa) to you. Huwa is a young lady from UNIBEN, an undergraduate studying an engineering course with an unyielding passion for the love of poetry, an art she possess a unique skill at in it’s spoken form. Watch […]

TAMP – P. Dalitrel (the real deal)

Okay when I say the song’s name at first I was like what on planet earth does that means? Huh? You thinking same thing too? Well it means … Wait for it joor. Quick intro; Pius Dalitrel is a Gospel rapper that’s bringing back the realness in rap yet keeping it divine, he’s a UNIBEN undergraduate who’s studying an engineering course and lives for a divine cause. His lyrical contents are sound and original, he’s […]

Artpreciation, 10 stunning 3D artworks.

When I see these, I just scream: There are talents! Like seriously, 3D arts is the all new sexy and they never stop to amuse me. Today I bring to your view 10 amazing 3d views and oh I coin the word Artpreciation from art and appreciation. Yes I will start with one of my favorites: 1. And he presents himself!Artmazing! 2. It’s a waterfall, right in the middle of the city. 3.The ladies and […]