Dear love, don’t fall in love with me.

Don’t fall in love with me just yet, I might not be worth it… Dear Queen, I haven’t even made it as the crowned prince. Don’t fall for me just yet, a lifetime is more than just a day, and reality is broader than just a stage.  Don’t fall in love with me just yet, words can’t win all life wars, I’m skilled at them, but beyond puns, what’s more?  Don’t fall in love with […]

Reason for the Season. Poem by Samuel O.

Editor’s Note : two words, poetic justice. The reasonFor this seasonIs the Prince of peaceThe whole of creation is His He existed before the worldThat’s why He’s calledThe ancient of daysSo awesome in His ways Been with God as the WordYes! And the Word was GodHe was made fleshTo grant the chance to start afresh Oh yeah! The popular life storyOf how man lost the gloryWhich portrayed his authorityAnd connectivity to divinity Man was led […]

Dear daughter. A sonnet to her.

Dear daughter, Though dark, she had a skin like the moon. She glows. Eyes like the stars in the dark Everything in here is true and for you But she may read it before you, hopefully it sets her free into understanding. Her presence is a switch, flips one’s mood from ill to healed She alone financed my emotions I am rich, no height her presence could not make me me reach. In her I […]

My Generation… A look at the view

Girls be taking shots like a sniper at warBoys balling with trousers fallingHer sense is fogged with fashionHis brain sags My generation… Abbreviations is the order of the dayMisunderstanding is sought after“Beef” is now rampant, more like our musicians are strictly on it’s diet.Our sanity is in recession.My generation… She slays but can’t wield the sword nor a penBared boobs, yes SOME look good but ALL flat like a sheet of paperOut of juice…My generation […]

Silent Seduction (07)

************************I used to know loveNow when they ask me,I just reply slow,And sound like an iPhone,I do not know love, I am a robot.I used to know loveCos I had a firePassion and desireNow all I requireAre circuits and wiresJon Bellion (iRobot)*****************************Tori woke up with a banging headache. She checked the time on her phone still lying down. It was 11:47am. She never realised she could wake up this late but it was expected since […]

Silent Seduction (05)

*******************Save your adviceCos I won’t hearYou might be rightBut I don’t careThere’s a million reason why I should give you upBut the heart wants what it wants-Selena Gomez (The heart wants what it wants)*******************‘What?’ Was the first thing she yawned out when she picked up after he had called and texted…… and call and texted…and called and texted endlessly practically pleading in his texts. He wanted to argue it out with her at first but […]