My evening with the Hausa driver

There I was on that good evening hauling myself home, tired, worn out from dragging a Toshiba tecra A9 that had given up the ghost mysteriously alongside my books plus a newly hijacked zinox smart laptop that’s supposed to be a replacement to the aged, deceased A9. Well, as at that time of getting out of the school premises to the express road to get myself into a bus or anything that will carry me […]

The Concept Of Fasting

If I ask you, what’s the meaning of fasting? What would come to your mind at first? What would you say?  Well, in the case of many, their answer simply put is: Starving. Before I continue, let me make it clear: This post is not to in anyway to discredit fasting by not eating, nor to insinuate that it is invalid or any less effective. And I know someone is already soliloquising: if not fasting by not […]

Dear love, don’t fall in love with me.

Don’t fall in love with me just yet, I might not be worth it… Dear Queen, I haven’t even made it as the crowned prince. Don’t fall for me just yet, a lifetime is more than just a day, and reality is broader than just a stage.  Don’t fall in love with me just yet, words can’t win all life wars, I’m skilled at them, but beyond puns, what’s more?  Don’t fall in love with […]

Education, a discuss. (ii)

Education (ii) Education within school setting isn’t greater than that outside school setting, “everybody na king for im own lane”, don’t go feeling like Optimus Prime ‘cos you’re an undergraduate or a graduate. Some even permit me to say, stupidly go feeling pompous with an O’ level certificate. Each form of education has its use, a relevant one in EVERYONE’ lives where it plays a vital role, however our ability to use both depends on […]

Education, a discuss. (i)

Education Ehn, let me start by purely antagonising the popular saying that “Education is the best Legacy”, that’s a fatal misconception. Education is a good legacy, in fact a great legacy it is but it is not the best or the greatest, the best legacy and that which anyone could leave as such mostly as parents is showing others or young ones THE WAY OF THE LORD. Well I’m not about to turn this to […]

HOW I FEEL, A man’s last rant By I. Joey.

A heart of bronze, eyes that had bled blood, two pens, none mightier than a sword, a glass of dark rum and a bible beneath, ashes on my feet and dust in my hair, a foggy window and a perfectly spunned web in the sixth corner of my crib. I have a story to tell, one of toil and of blood, one of regrets and of rue, one of bitterness as of vinegar, void of […]

The purge tale, I did die but I survived.

Not me, but the only difference is I’m a guy. Live it, Love it, that’s GoTv’ tagline… Everywhere was silent, what else would one expect in a hood as unsafe as mine at 3:00 am. Pain seethes in my back, my body is in a state of unrest, my butt is on fire, it’s like a thousand illegal immigrants are trying to pass through simultaneously. I was sleeping but now my eyes are open, after […]