Unemployment, are Nigerian youths lazy or misguided? what’s wrong?

The following is a result of a discussion is one about unemployment that ensued in a book club I belong to on whatsapp, interested in joining, indicate via comment. Cirphrank: The rate at which young intellectuals are being ridiculed is something that’s pain seething, too hurtful a case for me to start throwing in some formalities like defining the terms included in the topic, I know you know them already and know you’d agree that […]

Girls and demons (UNIBEN babes as a case study)

Image gotten from Google search Location: University of BeninCase Study: UNIBEN babes Ermmm, evening all, hope your day went fine. A new session started today and I thought it wise we ruminate on this issue, Girls and demons, no scrap that, UNIBEN babes and demons. Is it not bad enough their are so many unseen forces against students in tertiary institutions already? Do the ladies really have to join? ‘wetin man wan com enjoy again?’ […]

21CV, Thoughts expressed…

1. Human hair, pointed nose like a javelin pole, foundation present, eyelashes that can flog a hefty man to tears, pink lips like my primary school crayon. 2. Breast pads on board, waist trainer intact, butt lifting pads at work, pedicure and manicure taken care of. 3. Crop top alert, I’ve never even cropped a photo that high once, high waist trousers, how much?… High waste! High heels, trash steps. 4. Necklace like it’s helmet […]

Sex before marriage, ideal or not?

The issue of coitus before matrimonial conjugation has now become one that can’t just be waved off with one hand, it’s in dire need of prior deliberation on by every one, right from even really young teenagers. The world has evolved, even kids now know at least the basic concept of sex.    While many are of the school of thought that sex is very much a necessity during courtship, a long list of others […]

Alcohol, good or not? (A discussion)

Alcohol is not just taken, it is like an antidote for pain for some people, a joy giver, a cure to a 5mins madness. You could say it causes people havoc, yes, you MAY be right because there are people who can’t work without alcohol in their system, it’s not good for them medically. Does not mean you should not like or want to have a taste of alcohol on your lips? It would be […]