Holiness Gone Wrong

I’m sipping on thoughts, and now I remember my young days in church… See when I was a young one, pastor’s catch phrase wasn’t a wordplay but more like drums of war played, and it goes thus: “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand” and the tagline? The soul that sinneth shall die. In a bid to be holy, hence some men did nothing but “serve God” no job, they ain’t working no […]

The Concept Of Fasting

If I ask you, what’s the meaning of fasting? What would come to your mind at first? What would you say?  Well, in the case of many, their answer simply put is: Starving. Before I continue, let me make it clear: This post is not to in anyway to discredit fasting by not eating, nor to insinuate that it is invalid or any less effective. And I know someone is already soliloquising: if not fasting by not […]

TAMP – P. Dalitrel (the real deal)

Okay when I say the song’s name at first I was like what on planet earth does that means? Huh? You thinking same thing too? Well it means … Wait for it joor. Quick intro; Pius Dalitrel is a Gospel rapper that’s bringing back the realness in rap yet keeping it divine, he’s a UNIBEN undergraduate who’s studying an engineering course and lives for a divine cause. His lyrical contents are sound and original, he’s […]

5 Types of people in A typical Nigerian Church

Well I was at church earlier in the day, and at a point in time, the variation of personalities present just hit me and I thought to myself, why not write about it, who knows maybe it’s same everywhere else. Church name: I dare not say! What if my Pastor stumbles on this? Will you be present to save me when the whole church place me under deliverance???Witness: Pastor please it’s not me o… The […]

621, God answers prayers (flash fiction)

It was a Monday, the skies had shades of grey and the weather was cool. Well there’s was no difference in this day, it was exactly like every other day, except the skies never stay the same, he peeped out from the backdoor to eavesdrop on mama, to know if he had enough time to execute some thoughts or mama was almost done frying. “Nedu, don’t think I can’t see those cunning eyes of yours […]

A divine conversion. (True Life Story)

NOTE: the following has not been written to potrud insolence in anyway whatsoever towards any religion. Thank you for your understanding. The following is a true life story, written by Cirphrank in accordance to it’s prior narration. —————————————————— There was this man, a MUSLIM SCHOLAR, a serious personality in the Islamic faith, to further foster his steadfastness in the faith, his family saw to it that he married a lady who was also a Muslim […]

A just reward

Smith was just nine when his dad died, few months after, mom came home around nine in the morning, it was unusual, he eventually found out mum had lost her job to sheer cruelty. Life was hard, now itstepped up on same path, that Smith was the only child didn’t make it anything less than a herculean task for mum to give her child and herself a good life, hubby had died before writing a […]