Top 5 Myths About Blogging

1.) It is easy No, blogging is not easy. To think copy and paste capabilities can run a blog effectively on good standard is a bland misconception. It’s either you in for quality or you’ll be out in no time with a stack of plagiarized contents. You have to be good with a niche and you have to be ready to give repeated quality efforts day in day out. Else the blog will be dead […]

3 Resons Why You Might Want To Stick To Your .Blogspot Domain

Morning there, this morn I’ll be discussing a quick one with us that will pretty much explain to us some great benefits of a .blogspot domain name which comes with every blogger blog by default, some reasons that might just be screaming: STICK WITH IT!. Let’s go. 1.) It Is Free! Hold up! Before you gnaw me, I really did just have to do that because it is one hell of an amazing thing about […]

Basic Theme Edit

In this post I’d be talking about how to edit the basic blogger templates, not custom stuff, let get started. First off as usual, log into your blogger dashboard and click TEMPLATE now the screen you see next should look like this: Here you can choose a separate theme for your blog’ mobile version, edit the main blog theme XML codes, and handle some other simple setting. – Changing Mobile Version Theme: In the above […]

Basic Edits You need To Make On Your New Blogger Blog

Okay after you must have created a new blog, I gathered a list of basic things you should consider editing before making your first post. Let’s go. 1.) Title And Description: Your blog is as good as unknown if you leave this unattended too, yes it will run on the title you gave while registering but definitely no description which will be a dent on the professional appearance of your brand, plus would do some […]

How To Set Up A Blogger Blog

First off, by blogger blog I mean a blog hosted on google’s blogspot platform.. E.g: this blog. What Do I Need?The main thing you need is a gmail account. Don’t have one? GET ONE HERE NOWA compatible device: yes, you can run a blog with a mobile phone but not just any type, you will need a smartphone, and to access the blogger site you will need a compatible browser, I’d recommend opera beta, search […]