Grace… What is it?

Many misinterprete what Grace stands for and even many more abuse it. But Grace was never, is never, and will never be a license to sin. –Cirphrank Grace is man Gaining Righteousness At Christ Expense, never forget: you don’t earn it! You a Christian? Well it came with the package, yes, becoming a believer comes with a manual and the name is Grace. Grace is not something Great but SOMEONE GREAT! A sweet repercussion, aftermath […]

Xenophobic Nigeria By Authur I.

Image gotten from google search. There is increase intolerance in Nigeria and like a wise friend rightly quoted: ‘We are united by necessity and divided by conspiracy,hate, and politics’.This is why we hate one another a times and pretend we do not other times. Why don’t the hate come to manifest when we are doing business? Or other issues important to us?You see! Necessity? Ebuka selling raw materials in the North need Ahmad to make […]

Sign this petition now, say no to 1.5GB for N3000

Well, like it’s not bad enough we’re battling with rice price hike and a list of others alike. The other day in UNIBEN, a publication was released that intra-school bus fare will be increased by N10 hence making it N30 come December 1st, 2016. Now with the recent publication from NCC, seems like treats coming this December? Ain’t none going to be yummy but rocky. NCC has mandated all Networks to increase their Data price […]

Airtel Smart Trybe (Repackaged)

Not here to dump long talks on you, just want to let you know what happened recently. Airtel Repackaged their Smart Trybe tariff plan. nNow by dialing *312# which is the code for migrating to Smart Trybe, you’ll have the following at your disposal. Read also : MB Maximization TipsBenefits – Calls at 11k/sec to ALL NETWORKS– 1GB for N500. Valid for 7 days.– Night Browsing •N25 for 500MB. Valid between 12 and 5 am […]