Unemployment, are Nigerian youths lazy or misguided? what’s wrong?

The following is a result of a discussion is one about unemployment that ensued in a book club I belong to on whatsapp, interested in joining, indicate via comment. Cirphrank: The rate at which young intellectuals are being ridiculed is something that’s pain seething, too hurtful a case for me to start throwing in some formalities like defining the terms included in the topic, I know you know them already and know you’d agree that […]

giving up

5 Reasons Why Giving Up Is Not Worth It, failure is better.

Good-day dear, hope you’ve had a great day. Today’s post is going to be as usual not a boring lengthy stuff but concise and helpful. I’ll be sharing some insights as regards giving up. Have you ever been in the situation where you felt like all hope’s lost and you can’t continue no more? Well I’m not here today to tell you how many celebs had issues that are worst in the past too but […]

The Weekend Freebie 01

    Yes, there you have it: CONTENT WRITING. Alternatively known as content development. This same course is currently being sold by us on a PREMIUM scale, it’s a N5,000 worth course. And you are about to get as much as N3,000 of it for free. Yea, call it the good ‘ol weekend. This freebie is for you if you are looking forward to developing yourself as regards: Earning online (Yes, you can earn from writing, […]

Grace… What is it?

Many misinterprete what Grace stands for and even many more abuse it. But Grace was never, is never, and will never be a license to sin. –Cirphrank Grace is man Gaining Righteousness At Christ Expense, never forget: you don’t earn it! You a Christian? Well it came with the package, yes, becoming a believer comes with a manual and the name is Grace. Grace is not something Great but SOMEONE GREAT! A sweet repercussion, aftermath […]

Top 5 Myths About Blogging

1.) It is easy No, blogging is not easy. To think copy and paste capabilities can run a blog effectively on good standard is a bland misconception. It’s either you in for quality or you’ll be out in no time with a stack of plagiarized contents. You have to be good with a niche and you have to be ready to give repeated quality efforts day in day out. Else the blog will be dead […]